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Explore Advertising Opportunities with Howard Black Magazine

Howard Black Magazine presents a wide array of online advertising and promotional options tailored to meet your client’s specific needs. If you’re keen on advertising your products or services on, we invite you to get in touch with our dedicated sales department.

Tailored Client Packages

Should you wish to delve into customized packages or explore integrated marketing strategies, our sales department is readily available to discuss various options with you.

Banner Advertising

Howard Black Magazine provides conventional banner advertising opportunities across our website’s entire spectrum. Targeted campaigns can be crafted for specific pages within the site. Apart from our range of standard ad unit sizes, we also offer unconventional, high-impact ad units such as pop-ups and interstitials.

Ad Unit Sizes:

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Large Rectangle: 300 x 250

Exclusive Media Center Sponsorship

At the heart of Howard Black Magazine lies our brand-new media center, a distinctive sponsorship opportunity available on a monthly basis to one exclusive client. This exceptional offer seamlessly integrates your brand into our site, delivering an unparalleled branding experience. Enjoy prominent placement on the homepage, with your dedicated media portal featured on virtually every page of Howard Black. This ensures a powerful means of capturing the user’s active attention in today’s dynamic market. We complement this with exclusive email communications to our readership of over 5,000 opt-in subscribers.

Contests and Giveaways

Howard Black Magazine’s contests and giveaways provide a unique avenue for marketing to a captivated audience. These promotions allow our advertisers to engage Howard Black readers and convey marketing messages creatively. Each Howard Black Magazine giveaway receives prominent placement on the homepage and in our newsletter, along with a dedicated contest page.

Email Marketing

We extend advertising opportunities through our email newsletter, which is distributed to more than 5,000 opt-in subscribers every two weeks.

Ad Unit Sizes:

  • Primary Sponsorship: 175 x 300
  • Standard Banner: 468 x 60

Standalone Email Campaign

Thousands of Howard Black Magazine subscribers have opted in to receive information about products or services of interest to them in the form of single-sponsor, standalone emails. Advertisers are invited to provide both text and HTML content. While we are flexible regarding size requirements and message length, we do reserve the right to approve all materials before distribution.